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Special dining tables

Welcome to the world of Soul Furniture, your home for special dining tables. We are proud to present you a wide variety of

Passion for the craft and the small details

The Soul Furniture family began many decades ago, and since then we have maintained our family legacy of quality, innovation, and spectacular design. Every table we produce is the result of a passion for craftsmanship and small details. We use only the finest materials, and perform a strict quality check for each product.

When it comes to specialty dining tables, one of our most popular products is the collapsible dining table. This table creates a place for families to gather and collaborate, while it can be resized as needed. Are you hosting a special event or just having a regular dinner? This table is suitable for any situation.

Personalized services

Equally important, we at Sol Rihit offer personalized services. Do you want a table in a special size or a personal design? We are here to make every dream come true. Our designs combine both a modern look and touches of classic style, so that each table contains its own story and character.

A visit to one of Sol Rihit's stores is an experience in itself. Our team, consisting of interior design experts and furniture designers, will be happy to accompany you in the selection process and help you find special dining tables. We invite you to come and experience the quality, beauty, and innovation that Soul Furniture brings into your home.

Every table we produce is the result of deep thought and persistence in choosing the best materials. We combine advanced techniques in furniture making with the ancient tradition of wood carving, to create tables that are both works of art and functionality.

If you are looking for a new dining table or

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